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RACF Internship General Information

by John Hover last modified Jan 21, 2015 08:49 AM

The RACF (RHIC/ATLAS Computing Facility) is interested in inviting computer science/engineering graduate students to do relatively long-term insternships.


  • These would be 10 -20 hours /week for 3-7 months (e.g. Spring semester + summer, or summer + Fall semester), to be worked on-site at Brookhaven Lab.
  • They will be project oriented, with each project falling under one of the groups at the RACF. To express interest, email the leader of the group the project is under, and not which one you would like to be considered for.
  • They will be paid internships. Exact amount is to be determined.
  • They will be structured around topics of real academic research interest, rather than implementation projects. There will still be software implementation and/or deployment deliverables, but they will be balanced against intellectual and academic challenges. We would hope this would attract more capable and motivated students.
  • Although we are taking care to provide an academic/research element to the projects, as a paid internship this will be a serious working commitment. If at any point we are unsatisfied with progress, the internship will be terminated. So think very carefully about whether you have the time and attention for such a project.


Individual project descriptions are listed on the other page under the internship project page.

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