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Minutes: 4/20/2011

by John S. De Stefano Jr. last modified Apr 20, 2011 04:22 PM
Notes from the ATLAS Frontier meeting on April 20, 2011.

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Participants: Catalin Condurache, John DeStefano, Dave Dykstra, David Front, 
              Elizabeth Gallas, Fred Luehring, Andrew Wong
Apologies:    Alastair Dewhurst (honeymoon!), Andreas Petzold (Easter)

*** Site News: ***

- No news; normal operations

- Savannah #79470: Frontier cache timeout still too long
  * Updated by Elizabeth; requested verification of cache configuration fixes
- Savannah #78209: frontier connection problem
  * Connections to site Squid accepted on 3128; closed by Elizabeth
- Manpower:
  * Roman Sorokoletov will join with dual role as DBA and UNIX administrator
    - Will assume responsibility for Frontier instance at CERN on 2 May
  * Florentin Bujor will work on Frontier monitoring starting 1 June, for 
    initial 1 year contract

- Normal Frontier operations
- Site issues with resolving
  * Suggested using instead 

- Requested updated RPMs for upgrade, which are not yet available

- ATLAS Frontier, Oracle Conditions to be decommissioned at PIC
- Traffic to be handled by RAL, LYON servers

- No news; normal operations
- Servers are ready to handle requests from PIC

- No news; normal operations

*** Deployment and Testing: ***

- No update (see details in last week's minutes)
- Has ToA data been imported?
- Will contact AGIS folks

- ATLAS Geometry data available via Frontier at T1s as of yesterday
  * Fred's basic tests seemed fine via BNL
    - Confirmed that results are identical to local Geometry files, adds 3 
      lines of output to log files; data volume is minimal
      * Fred can help other sites to test as requested
    - Will coordinate large-scale test at BNL with John next week

- Waiting for confirmation from ATLAS before moving ahead with tests using 
  ATLAS nodes
  * OK by Dario
  * Need to double-check data anticipated rates

- David working on updates after vacation and part-time during Passover
  * Hopes to have updates available for testing next week

- ATLAS SLS monitoring of Frontier sites malfunctioning for one week
  * Reporting "unavailable" service for all sites, and "expired" data
  * Changes made to XML files on 12 Apr correspond with errors

Savannah clean-up:
- Elizabeth already working on cleaning up
  * Please help by checking for Frontier issues in Database, DDO, COOL, POOL, 
  * Dave can get involved in any tickets if links are provided

Dave's time commitment:
- Follow-up to last week's request for detailed plan for ATLAS and Frontier 
  next year, within next few weeks

*** A.O.B. ***

Meeting slot:
- Potential conflict of existing slot with new ADC development meeting, 
  existing ADC monitoring meeting
  * Wed is no longer available; Tues. at 17:30 was suggested

- Problem with web interface: infinite loop connecting; John will follow-up
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