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RHIC User Web Pages

by John S. De Stefano Jr last modified Jun 04, 2009 11:05 AM
Contributors: Jason Smith
The basics of serving web pages via AFS.

Your RHIC computing account affords you the opportunity to host project-related web content in AFS file system space.


After you authenticate to AFS (via token or password), files that you store in a directory called WWW in your AFS home directory will be automatically served and accessible via a special US ATLAS URL:

Directory Permissions

Create this WWW directory in the public directory in your AFS home:


... and set appropriate file systems permissions to enable the web server to access this directory. The command fs la displays the access control list (ACL) of your current directory, and fs sa [argument] administers ACL access changes. Once you create your WWW directory, ensure that fs la returns the following line among its output:

 system:anyuser rl

If it does not, add read and lookup permissions to your ~/WWW directory with the command:

fs sa system:anyuser rl

Without these permissions, the web server will not be able to access and serve your pages. fs help and man fs provide additional information on file system permissions.

Once these permissions are properly set, you will be able to serve accessible web content automatically. If you do not create an index.html file in this directory, the entire contents of the directory will be visible.

Web Content Policy

Web content hosted in US ATLAS AFS space cannot contain scripts and must abide by the BNL Privacy and Security Notice
and BNL guidelines for Personal Public Web Pages.

The current laboratory and facility policies currently prohibit the use of password protection of your web directory and its contained files (via .htaccess file control), or running scripts and CGI from your public web directory.

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