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User Accounts

by John S. De Stefano Jr. last modified Mar 24, 2017 03:40 PM
An active and valid BNL Life or Guest Number is required in order to gain approval for an RACF computing account.

Obtain a guest number here.

  1. Why is this necessary?
    In order to comply with stricter U.S. Department of Energy requirements, we are requiring all of our active accounts to have active Life or Guest Numbers and to have completed CyberSecurity training.
  2. CyberSecurity Training
    Please visit the BNL Training site to complete the relatively short CyberSecurity Training course, which requires your Life or Guest Number for the purpose of recording your progress through the course.
  3. Extending or Reactivating Guest Numbers
    The status of your Brookhaven National Laboratory guest appointment depends on your intention to return to BNL. Please follow the appropriate instructions below:
    1. If you do not plan to return to BNL, please inform us via email and include your name and guest number in the message.
      In addition, please return your BNL ID card to:
      Police Headquarters
      Brookhaven National Laboratory
      Upton, NY 11973
    2. If you do plan to return to BNL, please do the following:
      1. Visit the BNL Guest Extension Form and follow these instructions. This is a secure web site.
      2. Verify that the information listed in the left column is accurate, and make any necessary corrections in the right-hand column.
      3. In order for us to insure your approval for on-site access is completed in a timely manner, we ask if you could enter an anticipated arrival and departure date. We understand this is only an estimate; your actual dates are entered on the check-in/check-out form below.
      4. When all fields are complete, click Send.

Obtaining a New User Account

In order to obtain a new computer account on systems at the RACF, you must:

  1. Read and consent to Brookhaven National Laboratory 's Computer User Agreement by faxing a signed copy of the agreement form to: 1-(631)-344-8686.
    Please contact the RHIC & AGS Users' Center with any questions.
  2. Fill out the Computer Account Request Form.
    Once you have filled out and sent in the request form, the RACF will verify your eligibility for a computing account.
    You will be notified, via the email address that you have provided, when your account has been activated.
    All invalid requests will be discarded.

Account Details


Your primary account enables you to log into the Sun and Linux boxes. Your home directory will (by default) be the in the NFS file system: /[experiment]/u/[username]


Your email address will be: [username]

For more information on using your email account, see Overview of Email Service.


You will also receive a separate AFS account and an AFS working area.

For more information on using AFS, see AFS at the RACF.

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