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A multiprocess, source-level debugger for C, C++, and Fortran.

TotalView is part of a suite of programming tools from Rogue Wave software.

TotalView is the debugger for complex code. It support all types of parallel programming models, including MPI, and OpenMP. TotalView is good for those working with parallelism or large amounts of data because it scales transparently to support the big code and data sets running on anywhere from one to thousands of processes or processors.

TotalView has advanced support for C/C++ and F90, and understands such constructs as F90 modules and nested C++ templates. It offers advanced help for those who use complex objects like non-native types: through its type mapping facility, you can define how you want TotalView to display these complex objects.

The software has been installed on all farm nodes into the following location:


Symlinks have been created in /usr/bin for easier access to the program. Both GUI (totalview) and command line (totalviewcli) versions are available.

NOTE: Version 8.6.2 has been installed. The license is limited to 5 concurrent users so please remember to exit the program when you are finished.


TotalView documentation can be found on Rogue Wave's TotalView documentation site.

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