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Minutes: 9/22/2011

by John S. De Stefano Jr. last modified Sep 26, 2011 03:09 PM
Notes from the ATLAS Frontier meeting on September 22, 2011. Meeting chaired and notes recorded by Alastair Dewhurst.

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Participants: Dario Barberis, Florentin Bujor, Alastair Dewhurst, Dave 
              Dykstra, Elizabeth Gallas, David Front, Fred Luehring, Alexei 
              Sedov, Roman Sorokoletov, Emmanouil Vamvokopoulos
Apologies:    John DeStefano

Additional notes by Elizabeth:

*** Site news and issues: ***

- Max database channels increased from 10 to 20 per Frontier server

- Frontier ACLs modified to accept connections from UNI-BONN

- SARA/NGI_NL Squid crashed due to log build-up (GGUS 74197) 
- Still not upgraded to latest tomcat version.

- Emmanouil has requested testing of the new Frontier launchpad. 
- Fred? agreed to do this.

*** New People ***

- Alexei Sedov has joined the Frontier group. He is based at PIC and will be
spending 50% of his time on Frontier. John/Dario has suggest he starts by
trying to understand the MRTG monitoring and ironing out the bugs.

*** Deployment: ***

- 2 new virtual machines have been requested for use by the Tier 0. They
  will be in a load balanced pair. Dave advised us to find a proper naming

- Frontier dependency added to SLS as a sub-service of ADC_CS (Fernando,
- Once new Tier0 Frontier machines are added these should be monitored
  separately from other Frontier services. Dario says this is trivial change.

*** Development and testing: ***

- Florentin to present progress at ADC Development meeting on 26 Sep 
- Florentin + Alessandro De Salvo have come up with a working script for 
  Frontier/AGIS integration which works with sites that are using CVMFS. Very 
  shortly it should be production ready.

- Florentin looking into getting fnget test working properly with Nagios.

- David merging functionality of ATLAS Tomcat and Frontier RPMs 
- There are new releases for the 3 Frontier RPMs.  The frontier-servlet RPM 
  has been merged into the frontier-tomcat RPM.

T0/CAF testing:
* Conditions data from Frontier and Oracle use different cache
  alignments which are not supposed to affect physics results but do
* Frontier can produce same results if set cache alignment same as Oracle 
* Conclusion, any problems seen are with the ATLAS software and not in 
  Frontier service. It can be used in production.

*** AOB *** 
- Elizabeth has circulated CHEP abstract. Needs input from others.
  Decided to submit abstract for internal review, can be editted later. CHEP
  deadline has also been put back.
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