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Minutes: 6/9/2011

by John S. De Stefano Jr. last modified Jun 10, 2011 01:37 PM
Notes from the ATLAS Frontier meeting on June 9 2011. Notes taken (and meeting chaired) by Alastair Dewhurst.

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*** Site Status: ***

- Not upgraded servlet or deployed second Frontier box yet.
- Noticing hits from German sites

- Upgrading servlet to 3.29 has caused problems.
* Email has been sent out to list.
* Will switch back to 3.27

- Decommissioned.

CERN, BNL, LYON, TRIUMF: Nobody to report

*** Deployment, Development, and Testing: ***

- Dave suggested checking that it is possible to get different ports from AGIS 
  as MRTG monitoring can use different ports.

- Workshop yesterday 

- New Frontier rpms working.  There is a problem with the log rotate for both 
  Tomcat catalina.out and the Squid modified queries log files.
- Frontier servlet v3.29 requires Java JRE v1.6 or later
  * Incompatible with JRE 1.5
- David Front gave presentation on RPMs (
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