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Minutes: 5/26/2011

by John S. De Stefano Jr. last modified May 26, 2011 01:36 PM
Notes from the ATLAS Frontier meeting on May 26 2011.

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Participants:    Dario Barberis, John DeStefano,  Alastair Dewhurst, Dave 
                 Dykstra, David Front, Elizabeth Gallas, Andreas Petzold
Early check-in:  Andrew Wong
Apologies:       Fred Luehring

*** Site Status: ***

- Upgraded Frontier servlet to v3.29 earlier this week
  * Upgrade script:

- Complaint about Trigger use with Frontier launchpads and data refresh
  * Was changed 2 months ago from 24 hours to 1 hour

- Operation is smooth
- Interested in new test RPM for Frontier servlet upgrade
  * Will try .WAR upgrade script tomorrow
  * Also willing to try RPM 
    - Requires ATLAS Tomcat RPM, and configuration changes as well 

- N/A
  * Alastair will test connectivity from UK for fail-over

- Frontier working well
- IT cloud now using RAL cloud for Frontier access
  * Constant rate of 50% of UK cloud usage
- Oxford and Liverpool Squids not working, connecting directly to RAL Frontier
- Looking at AGIS API
- Have not upgraded to new servlet yet; following discussion

- ES cloud now testing connections to Lyon
  * Results good so far, but not all reports in
  * Will switch ToA ES (primary) and UK (backup) cloud settings
  * Plan to switch off Squids, Frontier, database next week

- No issues to report
- Planning to upgrade our Frontier Servlet 3.29 next week.

*** Deployment, Development, and Testing: ***

- Awaiting feedback on API
  * Alastair working on validation
  * ADS to talk with ADG next week in Dubna about replacing ToA
  * Possible Python conflict between native machine version (2.4+) and AGIS 
    - cron task to update site setup file queries AGIS (or ToA) for 
      environment settings

- No progress due to lack of manpower; will report on status ASAP

- SLS remains broken, disabled
- Florentin to start at CERN on 1 June
  * Priorities: SLS, MRTG, SAM, AWStats, SSB, shifter view
  * Dave: meeting with Florentin and Roman (possibly David) in two weeks
- Dave: additional CMS tools:
  * Emails to site admins for MRTG problems
  * Emails indicating excessive launchpad load based on AWStats (indicating 
    Squid issue)
  * Scripts parsing Tomcat logs for excessive number of threads (indicating 
    launchpad capacity issue); included with AWStats scripts
    - New tool; not yet given to David for inclusion
    - Would require changes to central server to accept ATLAS information

- David working on all ATLAS Frontier and Squid packages
  * New servlet RPM (3.29-1) ready for testing
  * Discussions on AWStats package, dependencies, scripts, source .TAR reuse
    - Need to investigate CMS changes to base script
  * BNL Squid customization script example updated with default local network 
    ACLs; additional example changes needed to move away from local default
  * Additional rewrites required to further unify, increase maintainability
    - Could eventually be used by CMS as well

Software development:
- Discussion of roles and responsibilities for ATLAS packages, maintenance, 
  monitoring, and operations

Remote administration:
- Discussion of small team of administrators who should be able to gain access 
  to other site's Squid/Frontier servers
  * May be a problem to obtain authorization for some sites
  * Should at least include BNL, CERN, RAL

*** A.O.B.: ***

- Reported problem with calling non-US toll-free numbers from Skype
  * International number page has changed:
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