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Minutes: 3/23/2011

by John S. De Stefano Jr. last modified Mar 23, 2011 03:20 PM
Notes from the ATLAS Frontier meeting on March 23, 2011.

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Participants: Dario Barberis, John DeStefano, Alastair Dewhurst, Dave Dykstra, 
              David Front, Shawn McKee, Andrew Wong
Apologies:    Elizabeth Gallas, Fred Luehring, Andreas Petzold

*** Sites: ***

- Things are working as usual

- Configuration problems still being hashed out
  * Crons have been adjusted manually and should be working now

IT cloud:
- New Squids added at CNAF
- Cloud using Frontier servers at PIC, KIT

- Nothing to report

- Frontier working fine
- Network IPs provided to Alastair by David, John for remote admin as needed

- No issues to report
- Problem with fail-over a few weeks ago caused by lack of site cache, older 
  client version in software kit
  * Site proxy would provide a single connection between site and back-up 
    site; otherwise all worker nodes must connect individually
  * Will look into adding a new site cache node

*** Testing: ***
No information.

*** Development: ***

AGIS integration:
- Waiting for input from Frontier group on technical specifications:
  * All: please read through and comment this week so that requirements can be 
    provided to AGIS and work can begin ASAP
- Discussion: site Squids fail-over to one another
  * Setup is complicated, fail-over scenario is rare
  * SAM should be testing all possible combinations, but doesn't work for OSG
  * However, current setup is working and should not be changed
  * Fail-over should occur to site close-by
  * Conclusion: requirement for Squid fail-over sites should be included to 
    support current ATLAS policy IP change:
- Hardware and IP address will change, timeline not yet clear
- UDP firewall addresses, ACLs at Squid sites may require changes, as well as 
   changes to Squid packages

Geometry database:
- ATLAS to use Frontier for Geometry data in user analysis jobs
  * Testing underway; future plans to be announced at ATLAS S&C

HI processing:
- Email from Rod, Sasha:
  "in view of last reprocessing problems with few direct Oracle access queries  
  (hardcoded in ATLAS software) and a positive Frontier experience with 
  beamspot tasks, for the HI reprocessing we decided to send these queries to 
  * Should have been tracked by Oracle audit trails and corrected

- Provided Jarka with clarification of Frontier and Squid monitoring, current 
  situation and future plans
- Requested a more centralized, robust monitoring solution from ATLAS
- Will be mentioned at ATLAS S&C

Software packages:
- David working on updating all ATLAS Frontier and Squid RPMs
  * AWStats updated package waiting for testing at BNL before using at CERN 
    with CDB
  * Servlet package updates in progress, adding versioning in Subversion
    - Source built with Java 1.6; David's build machine using Java 1.5
  * Changes to source storage, versioning, digital signing, configuration 
    infrastructure, and release procedure

*** AOB: ***

- Status talk at upcoming ATLAS S&C meeting
  * Your updates (3-6 month timeframe) and related information are requested
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