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Minutes: 1/11/2012

by John S. De Stefano Jr. last modified Jan 24, 2012 10:28 AM
Notes from the ATLAS Frontier meeting on January 11, 2012.

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Participants: Florentin Bujor,  Alastair Dewhurst, David Front, Dave Dykstra, Emmanouil Vamvakopoulos, Dario Barberis, Fred Luehring 
Apologies: John DeStefano

*** Site news and issues: ***
- The central logger for awstats is no longer getting so full with log files.  Fixes appeared to have worked.  Partition is only 17% full.
- DD also mentioned CMS will have dedicated fail-over squids.  Easier to monitor and takes load away from launchpad should there be a failure.

- No problems with the Frontier service over the holiday.  23rd December implemented awstats log file fix.
- EV has noticed some WN at Lyon directly accessing the launchpad.  DD suggests looking at Catalina.out log file and to look at the transactions just before failures starts.
-  On the 30th and 31st December spike of 140k requests per minute to Lyon squid.  French cloud do not have many squids, possible one fell over?
- EV also noticed Squids have a lot of disk I/O.
- During the meeting DD noticed odd behaviour from a spanish squid to Lyon.  A large number of small requests were coming from the squid.  A GGUS was created  ( and the problem was found to be an incorrect clock setting causing the cache to think it was always out of date.

- FB reports no problems

- No problems with Frontier service over the holidays but several network outages may have caused failover to CERN. 20th December implemented awstats log file fix.
- DD added the RAL launchpads separately to MRTG monitoring.
- AD still needs to test and then upgrade to new RPMs.

*** Development: ***

- To assist FB fpic has been removed and ft0 has been added to

- DF working on improving documentation.
- DF funding is going to change.  Dario is asking FB if he can take over DF's role but no fixed timeline.
- DD is testing RPMs for CMS.

- We need to move to using AGIS in production in a timely manner.
- Need to be happy with  What testing is necessary.  AD and FB to contact Alessandro de Salvo to find out about this.
- Need to be happy that AGIS is consistent with  FB is having a meeting with Alessandro de Girolamo.  Corrections need to be made to AGIS this week.
- Need to contact Jaroslav about what documentation is required for AMOD/Experts should emergency change be needed.

*** A.O.B.: ***
- Frontier at CHEP - John de Stefano will be giving a presentation.
- DD asked if CMS person can attend meetings.  AD + DB agreed no problems.
- DD would like access to atlas software.  In principle this is not problem but from a practical point of view it might be difficult as the system is set up to not allow it. DB will look into this.
- Next meeting will be 25th January at 15:30 UTC, 16:30 CERN time.
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