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Minutes: 12/1/2011

by John S. De Stefano Jr. last modified Dec 15, 2011 09:57 AM
Notes from the ATLAS Frontier meeting on December 1, 2011.

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Participants: Dario Barberis, Florentin Bujor, John DeStefano, Alastair 
Dewhurst, David Front, Dave Dykstra, Fred Luehring
Apologies: Emmanouil Vamvakopoulos

*** Site news and issues: ***

IN2P3 (Email from Emmanouil):
- We had installed the second Lpad ( )  and is 
working under SLS and MRTG MON   
- We have to setup a  Round robin alias in DNS for the two but it will after 
7 DEC due to Schedule Shut down at the center and after that we can change 
again the FQDN of the Lyon's frontier in TiersOfAtlas
- I have to test according with the advice of Dave the latest version of 
awstats (on progress) 
- Could Frorentin make the setup in awstats server in order to publish data 
from ccsqfatlasli01  also 
- if you could send me a test jobs in order to test the new lpad ( to do some 
test during the WK) Assigned to Fred

- In general things are working.  John has not yet deployed the new hardware.
- There is a problem with the Frontier Squid init script which is now being 

- No news.  Everything seems to be working.

- Working well.
- Still need to test new RPMs and deploy them into production.

*** Development: ***

- Florentin is making slow progress testing re-installing boxes from scratch 
at CERN.
- Florentin also needs to test RPM upgrade.
- Fred still needs to find time to make test job tarball.

AGIS integration and testing (Florentin)
- Working with Ale DiG to clean up AGIS site entries for ATLAS
 * OSG Site names are incorrect/blank in CEs.
 * Work still needs to be done creating the scripts for modifying AGIS.

- Disk space taken up awstats files on central machine is very high.  Email 
thread to discuss this, Alastair to convert this to a savannah ticket.
- Some minor changes need to to remove pic and add the 
T0Frontier servers so they can be automatically picked up for monitoring.

*** A.O.B.: ***
David Front's employment is changing so he will have less time to spend 
working on RPMs.
Next meetings for 15th December, then first meeting of 2012 will be 12th 
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