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The RCF runs backups on selected NFS and AFS file systems on a nightly basis. These backups are for site disaster recovery only. Restoration of data is available for approved requests only. If you require a restoration, contact your Experiment Liaison to see if your request satisfies the requirements for a special restoration request.

Note: In general, files are retrievable with 30 days of loss.

NOTE: 10/10/07 Many of the NFS filesystems have been moved to a BlueArc Appliance. This allows for users to retrieve files themselves as long as they realize their need within 14 days. Simply cd to the ".snapshot" subdirectory of the filesystem. ( Example: /star/u/.snapshot ) There will be a directory labeled for each of the last 14days. cd into the directory that makes the most sense to you and look for your file. The 14 day grace period is configurable and depends on space available for snapshots on the system, therefore it is subject to change. This note applies to filesystems below exported from servers specified as "BlueArc".  


The and AFS cells are backed up daily


The mail servers and are backed up daily.


Select NFS file systems are backed up regularly:

BlueArc - BA002:

  • /brahms/u
  • /brahms/WWW


BlueArc - BA203:

  • /phenix/u
  • /phenix/WWW
  • /phenix/engineering
  • /phenix/pm
  • /phenix/project_info
  • /phenix/dbbackup


BlueArc - BA401:

  • /phobos/u


BlueArc - BA602:

  • /star/u
  • /star/grid
  • /star/starlib


BlueArc - BA6:

  • /u0b
  • /grandch/u
  • /lsst/u
  • /pp2pp/u
  • /pp2pp/data
  • /pdata
  • /theory/u
  • /eic/u


Bluearc - ABA001:

  • /usatlas/u
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