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How to Retrieve a File from Backup

by Shigeki Misawa last modified Jan 15, 2009 11:39 AM
Contributors: Dave Free, John DeStefano
Step by step instructions on how to get files from backup

The RACF runs backups on selected NFS and AFS file systems on a nightly basis. Information about the file systems that are backed up is available on the Backup Services web page.

NFS file systems that are backed up contain a sub-directory called .snapshot, which contains additional copies of backed-up files.   NFS directories contain multiple folders within .snapshot, named by their back-up date and time (e.g., 2009-01-07_2300-0500).  Previous copies of backed-up files can be found and retrieved from within these folders.
AFS file systems contain a single .backup directory which allows you to restore recently deleted files.

Additional backups are for site disaster recovery only, and such restoration of data is available for approved requests only. If you require a restoration, contact your Experiment Liaison to see if your request satisfies the requirements for a special restoration request.

Note: In general, files are retrievable with 30 days of loss.


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