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How to Import a CA Certificate Chain

by John S. De Stefano Jr. last modified Mar 30, 2016 12:03 PM
Add a CA certificate chain to your browser, mail client, or operating system.

In order to properly install some certificates, verify certificates from other grid users, and send encrypted messages and verify digital signatures, you may need to import and activate a certificate authority (CA) chain into your browser, email client, or operating system.

This also needs to be done for the CERN CA certificate before using certain CERN applications and web sites.

Importing the CA chain for CERN certificates

Many CERN-based web sites and applications, such as VOMS, require that CERN's own CA chain, called the CERN Grid Certification Authority, also be loaded into your browser or application. This CERN Grid Certification Authority chain file should be downloaded from and installed before using VOMS and other CERN web applications: under Root Certificates, choose either Install certificates or Download certificates, and follow the instructions.

Importing the CA chain for OSG certificates

To use an OSG-issued certificate with OSG services, follow the instructions on the OSG Certificate Service TWiki page to download and install the OSG CA certificate file.

Next Steps

If you are applying for a new grid certificate, you can now proceed to Obtaining a Grid Certificate to continue the process.

You can now use certificates to send and receive encrypted email messages, and verify the digital email signatures of other users.

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