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Secure Shell (SSH) is a secure replacement for insecure programs like telnet and rsh. It is the only supported method of accessing systems at the RACF. SSH clients are available for most popular platforms in both free and non-free forms.

SSH Key Generation

How to generate SSH key pairs.

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Using SSH Keys

How to use your SSH key pair to log into another remote machine.

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SSH Agent

How to use an SSH agent to store your private key for SSH transactions.

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SSH Public Key File Delete Form

Remove your SSH public key from the LDAP server and disable SSH key gateway authentication.

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SSH Public Key File Viewing Utility

View your uploaded public key or keys.

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Troubleshooting SSH Connections

There are a number of problems that can cause failures when connecting to the RACF. Here are some things to look for and try in order to resolve your problem.

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Troubleshooting X11 Sessions

Diagnosing problems with remote X11 sessions via SSH.

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