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System Responsibilities

by John S. De Stefano Jr. last modified Jan 08, 2015 01:26 PM
Contact points for various services at the RACF.

See People at the RACF and RACF Shift Schedule for contact information.

  • Operations:
    • Ricky Garcia
  • Centralized Storage (NFS):
    • Costin Caramarcu
    • Dave Free
  • Linux Farm (CAS/CRS):
    • Tony Wong
    • Chris Hollowell
    • William Strecker-Kellogg
    • Alexandre Zaytsev
  • Infrastructure Services/ General Computing:
    • Shigeki Misawa
    • Saroj Kandesamy
    • John McCarthy
    • Tejas Rao
  • Storage Management & Data Movement (dCache)
    • Hironori Ito
    • Carlos Gamboa
    • Zhenping (Jane) Liu
    • Ofer Rind
    • Jason Smith
    • Yingzi (Iris) Wu
  • HPSS:
    • David Yu
    • Guangwei Chei
    • Tim Chou
    • Ognian Novakov
  • Grid and Experiment Services:
    • John Hover
    • Jose Caballero
    • John De Stefano
    • Xin Zhao


N.B.: The first person listed for each subsystem should be contacted first, except for CRS/CAS and HPSS, where the on-call schedule is provided separately from RACF Monitor shifts.

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