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Security Incident Response Information

by jhover — last modified Mar 14, 2019 02:17 PM
Contacts/Procedures for reporting potential security incidents.

Facility ISSOs (Information System Security Officers) are John Hover and John McCarthy.

If you have any reason to suspect a computer system compromise or other security issue, please contact the mailing list, which includes the facility ISSOs.

If you do not receive prompt response, or have reason to believe the issue is wider than the SDCC facility, please contact the BNL-level cybersecurity:

Incident Reporting Hotline: 631-344-8484

Ian Ballantyne, Information System Security Manager (ISSM), Ext. 7589

James Fung, Cyber Security Operations, Incident Response, 631-344-8403

Non urgent incidents may be reported by email to:

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