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Contacting the RACF

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Information on how to contact RACF personnel and to report facility problems.


Please report problems or request help using our ticket system.


On Call Staff

Instructions for contacting the On Call Staff can be found on the shift monitoring web page (protected; BNL accounts only).


Shift Monitor Schedule

The shift monitor schedule calendar can be found on the RACF Shift Calendar page (protected; BNL accounts only).


HPSS On-Call Schedule

The HPSS on-call schedule can be found on the HPSS on-call Calendar page.


Problem Reporting

Use RT to register problems with RACF systems, or to make suggestions about any aspect of the RACF Computing Facility.


Security Incident Policy/Contact Information

Instructions for reporting a possible computer security incident are here


Experiment Contacts

Contacts for the shift leaders at each experiment's counting house.


Email Lists

Facility-related email addresses and mailing lists.


System Responsibilities

Contact points for various services at the RACF.


Mail the RACF

The RACF mailing address is:

RACF Computing Facility
Bldg. 510M
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton, NY 11973-5000
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