QM2001 Student Pre-Conference Symposium
January 14, 2001 Javits Center
Montauk Point Lighthouse

Just prior to the conference, we will be hosting a symposium on heavy ion physics for the participating students. This will take place Sunday, January 14 from 2pm to 6pm at the Javits Lecture Center on the Stony Brook Campus, and will be followed immediately at 6PM by the Welcome Reception and main conference registration.

Buses will be leaving from BNL at noon on the 14th for the Javits Center. There, students will be provided with a light lunch and also have an opportunity to register for the conference starting at 1PM.

The emphasis of this symposium will be on preparing the students, who will be of varying experience levels, with conceptual and factual tools to aid them in taking a critical approach to the conference.  There will be two speakers each from the experimental and theoretical sides ofthe field who will attempt to elucidate the important questions within the field as well as the relevant connection to physics in general. 

The talks will be about 45 minutes each and the planned speakers are:

George Sterman
SUNYSB & BNL Physics QCD from Short Distances to Long
Dirk Rischke RIKEN/BNL Center Thermo- and Hydrodynamics for Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions
Coffee break
Reinhard Stock
University of Frankfurt The Dynamics of A+A Collisions: When do the Relevant Observables"Freeze Out"?
William A. Zajc
Columbia University
A Pedestrian's Guide to RHIC and Its Experiments

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