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Parallel Session I
Tuesday, January 16

Event Generators
Chairperson: Glenn Young

Time Speaker Title Abstract
2:30 Z. Lin Multi-phase transport model for heavy ion collisions at RHIC PDF | PS
2:55 D. Molnar Elliptic flow and freeze-out from the parton cascade MPC PDF | PS
3:20 L. Bravina Chemical freeze-out parameters at RHIC from the microscopic model calculations PDF | PS
3:45 K. Werner Models for RHIC and LHC: New Developments PDF | PS

Chairperson: Raju Venugopalan

Time Speaker Title Abstract
2:30 A. Di Giacomo Understanding Color Confinement PDF | PS
2:55 O. Miyamura Chemical potential responses in two flavor lattice QCD at finite temperature PDF | PS
3:20 P. Petreczky A lattice calculation of medium effects at short and long distances PDF | PS
3:45 E. Iancu The thermodynamics of the quark-gluon plasma: Self-consistent resummations vs. lattice data PDF | PS

Chairperson: Hans-Georg Ritter

Time Speaker Title Abstract
2:30 F. Retiere The STAR Time Projection Chamber PDF | PS
2:55 H. Hamagaki Particle identification capability of the PHENIX experiment PDF | PS
3:20 R. Pak The PHOBOS Detector at RHIC PDF | PS
3:45 S. White Calorimetry and Global Event Characterization in PHENIX PDF | PS

4:10 - 4:40 pm: Coffee

Thermal Photons and Dileptons
Chairperson: Glann Young

Time Speaker Title Abstract
4:40 B. Kampfer A unique parameterization of all secondary dilepton and photon spectra observed at CERN-SPS energies PDF | PS
5:05 R. A. Schneider Thermal Dileptons from Quark and Hadron Phases of an Expanding Fireball PDF | PS
5:30 D. Srivastava Radiation of single photons from Pb+Pb collisions at the CERN SPS and quark hadron phase transition PDF | PS
5:55 F. Gelis Photon and dilepton production by a quark-gluon plasma PDF | PS

QCD Theory
Chairperson: Larry McLerran

Time Speaker Title Abstract
4:40 M. Prakash Probing Quark Matter in Neutron Stars PDF | PS
5:05 K. Rajagopal Color Superconductivity in Compact Stars PDF | PS
5:30 R. D. Pisarski Novel Effective Theories for High Temperature QCD PDF | PS
5:55 Y. Schroder The Free Energy of Hot QCD PDF | PS

Chairperson: Hans-Georg Ritter

Time Speaker Title Abstract
4:40 B. Lasiuk The STAR RICH Detector PDF | PS
5:05 P. Yepes Heavy Ion Physics with CMS PDF | PS
5:30 A. Andronic ALICE TRD: Results from Prototype Tests PDF | PS
5:55 M. C. S. Williams The Time-of-Flight Detector for the ALICE experiment PDF | PS

Parallel Session II
Wednesday, January 16

Global Observables
Chairperson: Itzhak Tserruya

Time Speaker Title Abstract
2:30 A. Dumitru The Transverse Energy as a Barometer of a Saturated Plasma PDF | PS
2:55 P. Huovinen Is there flow without flow at RHIC? PDF | PS
3:20 D. Teaney Radial and Elliptic Flow and the Equation of State in a Hydrodynamic Model with a Cascade Afterburner PDF | PS
3:45 G. Brown Strangeness Equilibration at GSI Energies PDF | PS

Chairperson: Yasuo Miake

Time Speaker Title Abstract
2:30 V. Friese (NA49) Production of Strange Resonances in CC, SiSi and Pb-Pb Collisions at 158 AGeV PDF | PS
2:55 T. Susa (NA49) Cascade Baryon Production in p+p, p+A and A+A Interactions at 158 AGeV ( Intro) PDF | PS
3:20 C. Pinkenburg (E895) Production and collective behavior of strange particles in Au+Au collisions at 2-8 AGeV PDF | PS
3:45 R. Bellwied (E896) The Measurement of Transverse Polarization of Lambda Hyperons in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions PDF | PS

Hadron Spectra and Yields at RHIC
Chairperson: Shoji Nagamiya

Time Speaker Title Abstract
2:30 M. Calderon (STAR) Charged Particle Spectra in Au+Au collisions at sqrt(sNN) = 130 GeV PDF | PS
2:55 J. Velkovska Pt spectra of identified hadrons measured with the PHENIX experiment at RHIC PDF | PS
3:20 F. Messer Spectra and angular correlation of high momentum charged particles in PHENIX. PDF | PS
3:45 J. C. Dunlop High pt Spectra from STAR ( Part 1 | Part 2 ) PDF | PS

4:10 - 4:40 pm: Coffee

Conserved Quantity Fluctuations
Chairperson: Thomas Schaefer

Time Speaker Title Abstract
4:40 M. Asakawa Fluctuation probes of quark deconfinement PDF | PS
5:05 M. Stephanov When can long-range charge fluctuations serve as a QGP signal? PDF | PS
5:30 S. Gavin The QCD Mixed Phase at RHIC: Shaken but not Stirred PDF | PS
5:55 S. Pratt Balance Functions: A signal of late-stage hadronization PDF | PS

Vector Mesons
Chairperson: Edward Shuryak

Time Speaker Title Abstract
4:40 K. Ozawa Modification of Vector Mesons in Nuclear Matter measured in 12GeV p+A reactions at KEK--PS. PDF | PS
5:05 L. Capelli (NA50) Enhancement of Intermediate Mass Dimuons in Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions at the CERN-SPS. PDF | PS
5:30 E. Scomparin (NA50) Charmonia Suppression in p-A Collisions at 450 GeV/c; new results from NA50. PDF | PS
5:55 B. Z. Kopeliovich Charmonium production off nuclei: from SPS to RHIC PDF | PS

Global Observables and Flow at RHIC
Chairperson: Jeffery Mitchell

Time Speaker Title Abstract
4:20 A. Denisov Common Event Characterization in the RHIC Experiments PDF | PS
4:40 J. Katzy (PHOBOS) Centrality measurement and the centrality dependence of dN/d(eta) at mid-rapidity PDF | PS
5:30 R. Lacey Elliptic Flow Measurements with the PHENIX Detector System PDF | PS
5:55 I. Park Charged Particle Flow Measurement for |eta|<5.5 with the PHOBOS detector PDF | PS

Parallel Session III
Friday, January 19

Chairperson: Dima Kharzeev

Time Speaker Title Abstract
2:15 J. Qiu J/psi Production and Suppression in Nuclear Collisions PDF | PS
2:40 R. L. Thews J/psi Production at RHIC in a QGP PDF | PS
3:05 P. M. Dinh Transverse energy fluctuations and the pattern of J/psi suppression in Pb-Pb collisions PDF | PS
3:30 A. Capella J/psi suppression at SPS and RHIC in the comovers approach PDF | PS

Chairperson: Peter Braun-Munzinger

Time Speaker Title Abstract
2:15 R. Rapp Resolving the Antiproton Production Puzzle in High-Energy Heavy-Ion Collisions PDF | PS
2:40 C. Greiner Antihyperon production in relativistic heavy ion collisions PDF | PS
3:05 S. Miodiuszewski (E910) Antiproton Production and Reabsorption in pA Collisions at the AGS PDF | PS
3:30 A. Tai (E941) Leading Baryon and Anti-proton Measurements in pA Collisions at AGS energies PDF | PS

Correlations and Fluctuations
Chairperson: Reinhard Stock

Time Speaker Title Abstract
2:15 S. C. Johnson First Results on Two-Particle Correlations Determined by the PHENIX Experiment at RHIC PDF | PS
2:40 Z. Xu Resonance studies at STAR PDF | PS
3:05 J. G. Reid STAR Event-by-Event Fluctuations PDF | PS
3:30 J. Rak (CERES) Observation of dijet-like azimuthal correlations between charged pions of high-transverse momentum produced in 158 GeV/c Pb-Au collisions PDF | PS

3:55 - 4:25 pm: Coffee

Parton Dynamics
Chairperson: Helmut Satz

Time Speaker Title Abstract
4:25 U. A. Wiedemann Energy Loss of hard partons in nuclear matter PDF | PS
4:50 Y. Kovchegov Classical Initial Conditions for Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions PDF | PS
5:15 S. E. Vance A Prediction for Less Nuclear Shadowing in pA at High Energies PDF | PS
5:40 G. Papp Multiple scattering and pt-broadening at RHIC energies PDF | PS
6:05 P. Levai Jet quenching on hadron yields and ratios at RHIC and LHC PDF | PS

Chairperson: Tim Hallman

Time Speaker Title Abstract
4:25 H. Busching (WA98) Angular Correlations of High Momentum Photons at 158 AGeV PDF | PS
4:50 Y. Hama Event-by-event fluctuations in hydrodynamical description of heavy-ion collisions PDF | PS
5:15 B. Holzman Systematic Study of Au-Au Collisions at the AGS by E917 PDF | PS
5:40 L. Rosselet (WA98) One-, Two- and Three-Particle Distributions from Central Pb-Pb Collisions at 158 A GeV/c PDF | PS
6:05 M. Kopytine Event texture search for critical fluctuations in Pb+Pb collisions at the CERN SPS PDF | PS

RHIC Particle Ratios
Chairperson: Thomas Ullrich

Time Speaker Title Abstract
4:25 N. K. George First results from the PHOBOS Spectrometer at sqrt(sNN) = 130 GeV PDF | PS
4:50 H. Ohnishi Particle ratios in PHENIX at RHIC PDF | PS
5:15 Huan Huang (STAR) Particle Ratios from Au+Au Collisions at sqrt(sNN) = 130 GeV PDF | PS
5:40 I. G. Bearden (BRAHMS) Particle Ratios at Forward Rapidity in sqrt(sNN) = 130 GeV Au+Au Collisions PDF | PS
6:05 D. Hardtke (STAR) AntiNucleus Production at RHIC PDF | PS

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