The pp2pp Experiment:

Spin dependence in proton-proton elastic scattering at RHIC

The pp2pp experiment studies proton-proton (pp) elastic scattering at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) from √s = 60 GeV to √s = 500 GeV in two kinematical regions.

In the Coulomb Nuclear Interference region, the s dependence of the total and elastic cross sections, the ratio of the real to the imaginary part of the forward elastic scattering amplitude, and the nuclear slope parameter of pp elastic scattering are measured.

In the medium |t|-region, the evolution of the dip structure with s, and the s and |t| dependence of the nuclear slope are studied. With polarized proton beams, the difference in the total cross sections as function of initial transverse spin states, the analyzing power, and the transverse spin correlation parameter are determined.


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