Test Mappings

On the web interface you will see the following options under 'Test Mappings':

  • Map Grid Identity to Account - determines the which local account a grid identity on a specific service is mapped to. This is the primary function of GUMS which gatekeepers will also call via a gums-client tools.
  • Map Account to Grid Identity(s) - determines which grid identity or identities are mapped to a local account.
  • Generate Grid Mapfile - generates a Grid-Mapfile (list of DN to account mappings) on a specific service. This file is used by services that do not support making GUMS service calls (i.e. dCache). Click "include extended attributes" to include the FQAN in the list as "DN, FQAN, account".
  • Generate Grid Email Mapfile - generates a Grid-Email-Mapfile (list of DN, FQAN, account, and email when available) on a specific service.
  • Generate FQAN Mapfile - generates a FQAN-Mapfile (list of FQAN and account or range of accounts) on a specific service. This is used by the GUMS RSV probe to determine OSG mapping policy compliance. Only VOMS user groups and group/pool account mappers will be included.
  • Generate OSG-User-VO-Map - generates an OSG-user-VO-map (list of accounts for a VO) for the given service, which is used for VO accounting purposes. To be included in this list, you must fill in the 'Accounting VO' field in a "group to account mapping".

This functionality is also available for the client tools "gums", "gums-host", and "gums-service". Usage is:

[root@gums /]# su - username
[username@gums /]# ./gums-service 
usage: gums command [command-options] 
  clientVersion - Retrieve GUMS client version.
  generateEmailMapfile - Generate an Email-mapfile for a given service/host.
  generateFqanMapfile - Generate FQAN-mapfile for a given service/host .
  generateGridMapfile - Generate grid-mapfile for a given service/host.
  generateOsgUserVoMap - Generate OSG-user-VO-map for a given service/host.
  generateVoGridMapfile - Generate a VO grid-mapfile for a given service/host.
  manualGroupAdd - Includes a DN in a group.
  manualGroupRemove - Removes a DN from a group.
  manualMappingAdd - Adds a DN-to-account mapping.
  manualMappingRemove - Removes mapping for DN.
  mapAccount - Maps a local account to a grid identity.
  mapUser - Maps a grid identity to a local account.
  poolAddRange - Adds accounts to an account pool.
  poolGetAssignments - Get printout of current pool account assignments.
  poolRemoveRange - Removes accounts from an account pool.
  poolUnassignRange - Unassigns accounts from an account pool.
  serverVersion - Retrieve GUMS server version.
  updateGroups - Contact VO servers and retrieve user lists.
For help on any command:
  gums command --help
[root@gums /]#  ./gums-service mapUser --help
usage: gums mapUser [-s SERVICEDN] [-n TIMES] [-t NREQUESTS] [-b] 
        [-f FQAN] [-i FQANISSUER] USERDN1 [USERDN2] ...
Maps the grid identity to the local account.
 -s,--service         DN of the service. When using gums-host, it defaults
                      to the host credential DN.
 -f,--fqan            Fully Qualified Attribute Name, as it would be
                      selected using voms-proxy-init; no extended information by default
 -t,--timing          enables timing, grouping the requests. For example,
                      "-t 100" will give you timing information on 100 requests at a time
    --help            print this message
 -b,--bypassCallout   connects directly to GUMS instead of using the
 -i,--issuer          Fully Qualified Attribute Name Issuer, that is the
                      DN of the VOMS service that issued the attribute certificate
 -n,--ntimes          number of times the request will be repeated

[root@gums /]#  ./gums-service mapAccount --help
usage: gums mapAccount ACCOUNTNAME
Determines which grid identities are mapped to a local account.
ACCOUNTNAME is the local account. 
[root@gums /]# ./gums-service generateGridMapfile --help
usage: gums generateGridMapfile [-f FILENAME] [SERVICEDN]
Generates the grid-mapfile for a service/host.
    --help    print this message
 -f,--file    saves in the specified file; prints to the console by
[root@gums /]# 
[root@gums /]# ./gums-service generateOsgUserVoMap --help
usage: gums generateOsgUserVoMap [-f FILENAME] [SERVICEDN]
Generates the osg-user-vo-map.txt for a service/host. When using
./bin/gums, SERVICEDN must be specified. When using ./bin/gums-host,
SERVICEDN defaults to the host certificate DN.
    --help    print this message
 -f,--file    saves in the specified file; prints to the console by