New in Version 1.3

The focus of GUMS version 1.3 has been to provide an OSG OpenSAML-XACML AuthZ interface to allow for interoperability with other grid components, the ability to store the configuration in a persistence factory so that it can be shared between multiple gums servers, the ability to merge a configuration template from a URL, and the ability to ban users or VOs (which can be added manually or read from a file). Several other features have also been added:

  • Ability to insert into any location within a list of elements from the web interface.
  • Ability to add multiple related elements (all those that are required for a mapping) in one step.
  • Ability to disallow gridmap file generation to avoid assigning a large number of pool accounts. With gplazma and glexec, dependence on gridmap files is diminishing.
  • Ability to create a grid-mapfile containing lines of DN, FQAN, and account and thus avoid the problem where a member of mutliple VOs can only be mapped to one account.
  • Ability to grab emails from VOMS and show them in an email-mapfile.
  • Ability to generate a FQAN mapfile containing lines of FQAN and account or account range. This will be used primarily for the GUMS RSV probe for validating a site's compliance to the OSG mapping policies.
  • Cached pool assignments for quicker loading of summary page


A new table for storing the configuration has been added. Also, an email column has been added to the USER table.


GUMS 1.3 server can read configuration formats 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3, but a previous version of GUMS cannot read a later version of the configuration. New in the 1.3 configuration format is additional fields in all the LDAP classes, two global options to disallow gridmap file creation and banned user groups, and the ability to configure a persistenceFactory element to store the configuration within it for clustered GUMS servers.