General tips

General tips
Where can I find the logs?

There are 2 different set of logs for GUMS: the client logs and the server logs. To solve some problems, you may to look also in the apache logs (VDT installation only).

Client log

They are located in $VDT_LOCATION/gums/var/log (or /opt/gums/var/log for non-VDT installation) These logs cover the activities associated with the gums and gums-host commands.

  • gums-developer.[USER].log
  • gums-edg-security.[USER.log
  • gums-privilege.[USER]..log

Their location and information levels are controlled by the gums/ file.

Server logs

They are located in $VDT_LOCATION/tomcat/v5/logs (or /opt/tomcat-5.0.28-egeesec for non-VDT installation)

These logs cover those activities using web services/ui.

  • gums-service-admin.log
  • gums-service-cybersecurity.log
  • gums-service-edg-security.log
  • gums-service-privilege.log

Their location and information levels are controlled by the VDT_LOCATION/gums-service/var/war/WEB-INF/classes/ file.

Apache logs

Located in $VDT_LOCATION/apache/logs

When I try to update, GUMS is unable to read from some VOMS servers. What can I do?

The change from VOMS Admin 0.7.x to VOMS Admin 1.x.x is not backward compatible, so GUMS 1.0.1 can't read information from the new VOMS Admin series. GUMS 1.1.0 is able to read from both. Fortunately, it's relatively straight forward to patch GUMS 1.0.1 so that it do it too. We still suggest to upgrade to GUMS 1.1.0, but in case you cannot and that you need to, here what you can do.

Stop the server

[root@gums root]# rem /etc/init.d/tomcat5 stop

Go to the GUMS lib directory (here we assume you installed throught VDT 1.3.4)

[root@gums root]# cd /opt/vdt-1.3.4/gums-service/var/war/WEB-INF/lib/
[root@gums lib]# ls axis*
axis-1.1.jar axis-jaxrpc-1.1.jar axis-saaj-1.1.jar axis-wsdl4j-1.1.jar

These are the libraries that need to be updated. We'll need to eliminate them and pull down new versions.

[root@gums lib]# mkdir /root/backup
[root@gums lib]# mv axis* /root/backup
[root@gums lib]# wget
=> `axis-1.2-RC2.jar'
Connecting to connected.
Proxy request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 1,400,426 [text/plain]

100%[====================================>] 1,400,426 584.70K/s

09:43:32 (584.17 KB/s) - `axis-1.2-RC2.jar' saved [1,400,426/1,400,426]

[root@gums lib]# wget
[root@gums lib]# wget
[root@gums lib]# wget

Now we can restart the server

[root@root lib]# /etc/init.d/tomcat5 start

That's it!

Access problems

Access problems
I keep getting AuthorizationDenied...

This occurs if you have not added yourself to the admins group in GUMS and, generally you will see the following message:

     GUMS encountered an error
     Error Type:
     Error Message: Authorization denied

This can also happen you if you use gums-host to retrieve maps that do not match the certificate host.

A couple of things to look for:

  • If you encounter this in your browser, verify you are using the correct certificate.
  • If from command line, verfiy you have a valid proxy (grid or voms) and it is for for the DN of the admins.
  • If you have access to the GUMS database in MySql, execute the following query:
  • select userDN from User where userGroup = 'admins';

Consult the manual on how to enter an admin and review the authorization scheme described in GUMS Command line tools

I keep getting "An error accoured when connecting to GUMS: (0)null"

This is probably a problem related to apache in VDT: it doesn't accept GT3 style proxy.

Check your apache log, you might have

[Tue Jun 07 15:02:45 2005] [error] Certificate Verification: Error (20): unable to get local issuer certificate 

Try using "grid-proxy-init -old" when generating your proxy.