Release History

1.1.1 in CVS
1.1.0 2005-07-20
1.0.1 2005-04-07
1.0.0 2005-03-16
0.7.1 2005-02-01
0.7 2005-01-14
0.6.1 2004-08-10
0.6 2004-07-01
0.5 2004-05-20
undetermined before March 2004

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Release 1.1.1 - in CVS


Release 1.1.0 - 2005-07-20

update Review GUMS maven structure (i.e. plug-in dependencies, project.xml). carcassi
fix Fix tomcat deployment in build (i.e. dev server being down once in a while). carcassi
add Mapping according to Gecos field available in both NIS and LDAP. carcassi
fix One can filter on the full CN of a host certificate. carcassi
update The Service Certificate DN is now the identifier for hosts and machines. carcassi
add Release version in command line. carcassi
fix If gums.config isn't found the first time, a tomcat restart was needed. carcassi
update Minor updates to the web interface. carcassi
add VOMS Admin v1.0.x (glite) compatibility. carcassi
remove Support for mapfile cache terminated: web service door only. carcassi
add FQAN allows for '-' '_' and '.' in the vo, group, role and capability. carcassi
update DB reviewed: better indexing and transation use. carcassi
update Updating from VOMS is no longer blocking. carcassi

Release 1.0.1 - 2005-04-07

update Including setupDatabase with the modification made for VDT carcassi
add gums-client rpm n ow obsoletes gums-host and gums-admin (no need to remove package). carcassi
fix Error code from scripts was incorrect: that caused cron job to update maps in case of error too. carcassi

Release 1.0.0 - 2005-03-16

update Repackaging of the client components: merged admin and host, and named it client. carcassi
fix Fixed minor issues with authorization obligations for storage system. mlorch
fix Double add to a manual group now fails. carcassi
add Script that creates the database and changes the configuration accordingly. carcassi
update Repackaging of the service component. carcassi
fix Server identity is now gums host name. carcassi
fix GUMS accept new style proxies. carcassi
update The accounts in the pool are used in alphabetical order. carcassi
fix Inverse map is now generated exploring all the DN/FQAN combinations. carcassi
fix Gridmapfile is generated simulating users with no FQAN. carcassi
add LDAP integration for primary gid change at BNL once an account is assigned. carcassi

Release 0.7.1 - 2005-02-01

fix Log names review so that they both client and server can stay (through links) in the same directory. carcassi
update NIS update is done every hour and is now thread safe. carcassi
fix Log file permission for the command line tools are set so multiple users can use it (important for admin). carcassi
add GUMS host can now be used for stress testing and timing th e server response. carcassi
add Added connection pooling on mysql server. carcassi
fix Solved a race condition that would make GUMS hang in some circumstances. carcassi
add AuthZ callout without GT3, both client and server stubs. mlorch
add Added code for Privilege Project in GUMS repository and build process. carcassi

Release 0.7 - 2005-01-14

update Better logging: server logs all commands with both input and output carcassi
update More complete command line interface carcassi
add Web service implementation carcassi
update HostWildcards can be more than one, comma separated carcassi
add Support for VOMS Fully Qualified Attribute names carcassi
add AuthZ service to be contacted by Globus callout carcassi
add Support for grid3-user-vo-map.txt generation carcassi
add Many many other refinements... carcassi

Release 0.6.1 - 2004-08-10

add Nightly build and reporting with Maven carcassi
remove Removed all the old code from 0.6 carcassi
update Better log system: logs for developer, resource admin and site admin in place carcassi
add Ability to retrieve groups from within a VOMS server (finally) carcassi
fix No more duplication in the mapfiles carcassi
update Improved database caching for grid-mapfile: you specify on the server which gatekeeper maps should be generated carcassi
add Improved error handling (i.e. a failed update on one group doesn't block the others) carcassi
add Installation through RPMs (cron jobs installed automatically) carcassi
add Unit tests to Grid3 VOs included carcassi
fix LDAP access improved: can access LCG dev VO carcassi

Release 0.6 - 2004-07-01

add XML configuration file for mapping policy carcassi
add Log infrastructure carcassi
update More flexible architecture carcassi
add Decoupled grid-mapfile generation from database caching for distribution on gatekeeper carcassi
add Web interface to generate grid-mapfiles and map users carcassi
update Better command line interfaces (feel like Unix commands) carcassi

Release 0.5 - 2004-05-20

fix GUMS in production at BNL carcassi
add NISMapperretrieves the GECOS field and matches with certificate CN. carcassi
add Architecture to allow different type of mappings for different hosts carcassi

Release undetermined - before March 2004

add Script to fetch user from VOMS dtyu
add Script to map user to local account tomw